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Top-Rated Tree Services in USA

If you are looking to elevate the outdoor look of your home and business but don’t have the time to go through the DIY hassles, The Tree Service Pros can be of help. We have pioneered the best tree services in USA since 2000 with our team of expert arborists. 

Our seasoned tree arborists in USA are local experts who know their job as tree servicing experts. Fueled with commitment and dedication, they are above par in doing a professional job and beautifying your property.

Why Choose Us?

Our Tree Services

As an experienced tree care company, we strive to provide the best tree services to our valuable customers. Here is what we do:

Tree Removal

We remove dead or diseased trees from their roots that can be a menace to your landscape’s clean and fresh look.

Tree Cutting

Our expert tree arborists cut trees getting in the way so your outdoors has more space than before.

Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming service shaves off unwanted tree branches that interfere with the overall look of your landscape.

Tree Pruning

We save your healthy trees by pruning off dead and damaged branches that hinder the tree’s growth.

Stump Removal

Our tree specialists get rid of annoying leftover tree stumps leaving you a clean and even landscape.

Stump Grinding

We offer premium stump grinding services to shave off the stump completely without digging out the landscape.

Tree Arborist

Our seasoned tree arborists in USA can provide you with expert tree maintenance services.


We keep your home’s landscape beautiful with our expert tree care, ensuring healthy and well-maintained trees.


Our commercial tree service enhances your business property, providing professional tree care for a neat and welcoming outdoor space.


We offer emergency tree service to quickly handle any urgent tree issues, keeping your property safe and tidy.

Comprehensive Residential Tree Services

For people who are looking for licensed residential tree services in USA, your search ends here. We at The Tree Service Pros know how important a role the aesthetic of residential landscapes plays. Hence, we offer the best tree trimming and tree pruning services to give your house landscape the grooming session it needs. 

Have an outdoor party or get-together lined up for the evening and need to get your lawn trees in the best shape? Our emergency tree services provided by our vetted arborists can get your residential landscape in its best look and shape. We don’t just sell tree services, we provide complete maintenance of your trees to improve the overall vibe of your outdoors and increase the curb appeal of your house.

Top Commercial Tree Services

Our tree service company in USA provides ISA-certified commercial tree services for businesses and private enterprises for an improved outdoor look so visitors can have a really good first impression on their visit. A groomed commercial landscape doesn’t only impress passersby but also improves the value of your property and other features such as safety. So if you are looking for reliable tree services such as tree removals or just scheduled maintenance of your greenery, feel free to schedule our expert tree arborists via call.

Emergency Tree Services When You Need Them Most

Our vision stands still at being available for our customers when they need us the most. Our emergency tree services in USA provide rapid-fast action in case of storms and tree accidents. On just a call, our certified tree arborists will be at your service so you can relax indoors while they do their job of fixing your outdoors.

Need emergency tree services in USA? Feel free to call us to get in touch with our vetted arborists.

Why Choose Us for Your Tree Care Needs?

Licensed and Certified Tree Service Company in USA

We are the best tree company in USA with International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists who know their job in and out. Our certified arborists are required to have hands-on experience as tree specialists and knowledge in the fields of forestry and tree biology in order to be on our team. Moreover, we provide our staff with intensive training before sending them to you so you get the most professional tree service.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing For Tree Services in USA

Our pricing is kept simple so that customers can easily book us without any confusion. We provide tier-based options and each of our tree service prices are adjusted according to your individual needs. There are no hidden charges since we openly communicate our tree service cost with our customers upfront.

If you don’t know which package suits your needs the best, no need to worry! Call us today and answer some of our questions about your outdoor space and we will have a special plan ready just for you. If you are looking for affordable tree services without compromising on quality, get in touch today!

Here is what our customers say


4.4 (127 reviews)

I wanted my lawn ready for the evening since some important guests were coming over. The Tree Service Pros did such a great job in grooming all the trees and making my outdoors look spick and span. Highly recommended!
~ Barbara
We always thought tree services were overly expensive until we stumbled upon The Tree Service Pros. I was really impressed by the attention to detail their men give to our garden. We had stumps removed and dead trees cut at such an unbelievably economical price. Would hire them again!
~ Mathew
Very professional work by The Tree Service Pros. Their team is very knowledgeable as they did an in-depth inspection of my outdoors and provided me with the best services on a budget. Love my outdoors after the tree grooming!
~ Aidra

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Our Process – Ensuring Excellence in Tree Care

Our tree expert company knows that a tailored tree service process is required based on the specific needs of different landscapes and environments in USA. Hiring our expertly-vetted tree service in USA can be explained through the following steps:

1. Initial Contact

You can either call us, email us, or directly contact us through the online form on our website. Even if you aren’t sure what service plan you need, our tree arborist will be ready to guide you at this point.

2. Consultation

Our certified tree arborist will visit your property to do a thorough inspection of the trees and discuss what needs to be done. They carefully examine each tree and identify needed actions.

3. Proposal and Estimate

Based on the examination and requirements of your landscape, we will present a proposal to you outlining the work, timeline, and cost in detail. This will be provided in a report format.

4. Scheduling and Preparation

Once you approve, our company will schedule a team of expert tree arborists at the date and time of your convenience. If needed, we might visit your place to get the area clear of any obstacles.

5. Tree Service and Clean-Up

Our dedicated arborists perform the agreed-upon work using proper safety equipment and professional techniques. Once servicing has been done, our crew cleans up the work area leaving it spotless.

6. Recommendations

After the site work, our certified tree arborist recommends you need post-service care for your trees. This ensures that your tree lives healthily and strongly under your own supervision and care.

7. Final Walk-Through

Once the project has been completed, one of our seasoned representatives will visit your site to thoroughly review the tree service and answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding it.

6. Payment

Based on the agreed-upon terms, we send you an invoice and you settle the payment using a payment method that suits you best. We accept cash, credit cards, and online transfers for ease.

Trusted Tree Services in USA

Regulation Compliant and Up-to-Date Tree Company in USA

We have a local team of certified arborists for each city in its respective state and the same goes for USA. Our tree doctors are up-to-date with local ordinance laws related to specific parishes, counties, and cities, making your experience with our tree services a seamless one. We cover all legal hoops as our company also has the necessary permits required for our tree removal and stump grinding services.

We are a responsible tree service company in USA that is aware of the environmental considerations regarding endangered species, wildlife, and debris disposal. We make sure that we do not harm the environment by any percent. Our tree arborists go through specialized training sessions, aligning theirs and our mission of protecting the environment.

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If you need a tree service in USA, call us today to get in touch with our professional tree arborists or contact us directly through the contact form available below to get a free estimate of our services. 

FAQs About Tree Services in USA

Tree service costs are based on tree types, sizes, and its condition. Since there are a variety of tree services available, the cost is also dependent on what service you need. On average, tree trimming and pruning can cost anywhere from $330 to $450, while tree removal costs around $700 to $950. The complexity of the service required also matters when deciding the cost. For example, if the tree is really old and its branches have expanded really deep, the cost will be higher.

If your outdoor landscape has dead, diseased, or trees with damaged branches, it is best to call a local tree company in USA to offer the needful service. A tree service can also be called for emergency reasons if your tree is interfering with your power lines or is tilting towards the walkways.

A tree service company nearby in USA should have ISA-certified tree arborists on their team who have completed their training with success. Apart from that, licenses and permits are a must for tree work in USA according to its local ordinances and state laws.

In case your tree is dangerously close to a power line, never attempt to trim or cut it on your own since it is a very serious safety hazard. Instead, contact a professional tree company in USA to take care of the job who will first identify underground lines and exercise proper SOPs to get the job done.

Before choosing a tree company in USA, it is important to know about its reputation and past experience as a tree service provider. Customer reviews serve as the best tool to know how professional arborists are at their jobs. We at The Tree Service Pros have successfully worked with 1000+ customers at both residential and commercial levels, attaining their satisfaction and happiness.

Ideally, reputed tree companies in USA take full responsibility for cleaning the work area after service completion. As one of the top tree service companies in USA, we make sure that the place is cleared of all debris, wood chips, and leaves so that you don’t have to put any effort into cleaning your outdoors.

Late winter or early spring is the best time for hiring a tree removal or cutting service since the trees are mostly dormant in that season. For more information on what specific services are recommended for trees, our expert arborists near you are always ready to assist you through a call or a consultation visit.

While cutting trees is an environmental concern, removing dead and diseased trees is equally important for the environment. Our professional tree arborists are experts at removing trees safely. It is recommended to avoid cutting trees on your own and always hire an expert tree company for this job.

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